September 2021

New building complete! The Grover group is excited to move into our new home in early September.

August 2021

  1. Aabid completes total synthesis of citridone A and tersone D. Work published in JOC.
  2. The Grover group presents at the Canadian chemistry conference and exhibition. Way to represent!

July 2021

Sima published an article on a unique rearrangement reaction. Check it out here!

May 2021

Congratulations to Mitchell on the completion of his successful honours thesis project! Good luck in medical school.

October 2019: New Building

Check out the progress so far on the new science building currently under construction – this will be the new home of the Chemistry department!  ETA August 2021.

October 2019
November 2018
June 2018
December 2017

August 2018

This puts a cap on a very productive summer, good job across the board. Let’s keep the energy high moving into September as we start to get some manuscripts prepared. Good luck Victoria as you move on to graduate studies at SFU, we are all looking forward to seeing what you accomplish.

August 13-14, 2018

The entire group presented at SOCCER 2018. Amazing job everyone, way to represent the group! Special congratulations to both Victoria and Sima on their well deserved award-winning presentations.

June 2018

Victoria presents at ChemCon 2018 hosted by Saint Mary’s University in Halifax, NS and takes home a presentation award. Congrats Victoria and to all the MUN students who presented.

May 2018: New Students

Nathan Tucker joins the Grover group on a NSERC USRA scholarship, and Bradley O’Leary joins as a MUCEP student. Victoria Rose is continuing her thesis work through the summer on a NSERC USRA scholarship as well. Congratulations on your scholarships!

Sept 2017: New Students

The Grover group welcomes it’s first three students!  Ph.D. candidates Sima Alavi and Aabid Bhat, and undergraduate thesis student Victoria Rose.